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Monday, July 20, 2015



Above the Fold


      LMCO-Blackhawk starts to solidify

      ISS does duck-and-cover over Russian space junk

      Burgess makes Intel HOF

      The most successful media outlet last week was ...NASA(?!)

      $T Asteroid - sure, but how much to mine it?






Auburn University's Burgess inducted into Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame  -  Auburn University’s senior counsel for National Security Programs, Cyber Programs and Military Affairs, has been inducted into the Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.






Weapons giant Lockheed Martin agrees to buy Black Hawk maker for $8bn   -  to purchase Sikorsky Aircraft, US military’s largest helicopter supplier, in its biggest buy in two decades


Boeing: Lithium batteries an "unacceptable fire hazard" in cargo holds -   -  warning is expected to be heeded by most of the world's airlines


Your gadget batteries endanger planes, says Boeing • The Register   -  Boeing has decided that lithium-ion batteries, the engine-room of the tech gadget boom, are too dangerous to haul around in bulk on cargo planes.


Avwatch, Martin Aircraft move forward to market Jetpacks in North America  -  The signing of the agreement builds on the strategic relationship developed between Avwatch and Martin Aircraft during the previous 12 months under an existing Letter of Intent between the parties.   This next step paves the way for a future delivery of a Martin Aircraft package with 3 manned Jetpacks, 3 unmanned Jetpacks and a simulator.


Suddenly, Scramjet Tech Is Everywhere   -  sooner than you think, it could be coming to an airport near you.


F-35Bs, Aviation Elements Have 'Tremendous Growth Capability   -  Lt. Gen. Jon Davis envisions future operations where a ship deploys with three times as many F-35Bs, where the aircraft have longer-range weapons and dominate in electronic warfare.


How Skunk Works Turned Lockheed Martin Into the World's Leading Fighter Jet Company   -  And maybe more importantly, what's up next for Skunk Works?



--- UAV


Review: Parrot Bebop drone and Skycontroller  -  smartphone-operated drones, the Bebop boasts a number of improvements over the AR.Drone 2.0 including a better camera, longer range, and an optional joystick-based controller


The First National Drone Racing Championship Is Underway in California  -  More than 100 racers took part in the first day of a two-day event, based on small, custom-built drones in what is called first-person view (FPV) racing. 






Shrinking the 'Beast' of the Federal Workforce, and Other Ideas From the Campaign Trail  -  Bush said in Florida “you can fire someone for incompetence” and the same practice should be brought to federal government. 


Shake-Up Under Way a Prominent Washington Think Tank   -  The departures of Andrew Krepinevich, the longtime president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, and budget analyst Todd Harrison follow a decline in government grants to the non-profit organization.


Team Obama Knows China Is Behind the OPM Hack. Why Won’t They Say So?  -   the Obama administration has refused to finger the culprit: Beijing.


Pentagon access cards require fingerprint, retina scan   -   will immediately begin issuing new building access cards for non-Common Access Card users and will require iris and fingerprint images taken of each applicant.






Israel warmly welcomes US Pentagon chief Carter  -  the first Cabinet-level U.S. visit to the Jewish state since the Iran nuclear deal was announced.


U.S. Defense Chief Tries to Calm Frayed Mideast Nerves on Iran  -  Pentagon chief said he will use the visit to discuss ways to improve military cooperation without trying to persuade Israeli leaders to support the deal, which barters an easing of crippling economic sanctions on Iran for curbs on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.


'Anywhere, anytime' never on table in Iran nuclear deal  -  Secretary of State John F. Kerry said the agreement — which would allow Iran to delay inspectors for up to 24 days before granting them full access — will keep Iran’s nuclear program in check 


Germany says Iran must improve Israel relations for closer economic ties | Reuters   -  Gabriel, who is also economy minister, is the first senior figure from a large western government to visit Iran since it struck a landmark agreement with world powers on its nuclear program last week.


U.S., Cuba Restore Full Diplomatic Ties After Five Decades  -  More than a half century of Cold War and lingering enmity came to an abrupt but quiet end on Monday







--- Defense Executives


With faked degrees, U.S. tech official ran law enforcement data systems for years…  -   resigned from the Interior Department after he was busted. He was then hired by the Census Bureau.



--- Ground Pounder


Green Beret tells of shooting Taliban in CIA job interview, loses Silver Star  -  Maj. Mathew Golsteyn was to receive the Silver Star for aiding fellow soldiers in Afghanistan, but his award is now in jeopardy



--- Homeland Defense


Governors order National Guardsmen to be armed after attacks  -  In an executive order, the Republican governor said he wants Guard recruiters to move from six storefront locations into armories until state officials can evaluate and make security improvements



--- Navy


Where are my fries?' Navy not all happy with more nutritious menu  -  Taking fried foods, whole milk, and other comfort foods off the Navy’s menu may make sailors and naval aviators more fit to fight. But, at the moment, it’s making many fighting mad.




--- Defense Acquisitions


The Pentagon Literally Tossed Millions of Dollars Into the Trash  -  Logistics agency would rather throw out faulty spare parts than go to the trouble of returning them


White House Wants Agencies to Prioritize Emerging Tech in Next Year's Budget  -  When submitting budget requests to the Office of Management and Budget, federal agencies should "prioritize investments in enabling technologies that benefit multiple sectors of the economy, such as nanotechnology, robotics, the Materials Genome Initiative, and cyber-physical systems and their application to smart cities,” the memo said.



--- Special Weapons


Seventy Years After the Trinity Test, There Are 16000 Nuclear Weapons in the World   -  The nuclear age represents the first time in history that mankind possesses the ability to annihilate itself, along with a significant percentage of life on earth. 









The most successful media outlet in America this week was NASA   -  Granted, NASA started on this strategy several years before Twitter existed in a remarkable demonstration of government foresightedness. But it hasworked. Over the past month, there have been hundreds of thousands of tweets mentioning Pluto, NASA or both



---Space Biz


China Eyes Purchase of Sea Launch Assets  -  Struggling commercial launch-service provider Sea Launch AG and its owner, Energia of Russia, are in talks with the Chinese government on selling the Sea Launch command ship and launch platform


'Trillion Dollar Baby' Asteroid Has Wannabe Space Miners Salivating   -  is believed to be worth more than the entire economy of Japan


Next Private Space Industry Conference, NewSpace, to Land in Seattle in 2016  -  previously held in Silicon Valley for the past nine years, will move to Seattle, Wash. in 2016 for the first time since its inception in 2006. Going forward, the conference will alternate between Silicon Valley and Seattle



--- Space Junk


Space junk forces ISS astronauts to take shelter on capsule   -  "Happy there was no impact," NASA astronaut Scott Kelly said via Twitter. "Great co-ordination with international ground teams. Excellent training."



---Space Exploration


NASA just found something big hiding out behind Pluto   -  the dwarf planet — has a giant tail.



--- Space Craft


Audit: NASA risks SLS launch delay  -  The space agency hopes to fly the first Space Launch System rocket by November 2018, but has only four extra months available to address any unexpected problems that arise between now and then, increasing the risk of delays, the U.S. Government Accountability Office said.



--- International Space Station


ISS Astronauts Dodge Flying Russian Space Debris   -  "The crew of the International Space Station is resuming normal operations after getting an all clear from Mission Control following a close pass by space debris this morning," Nasa said in a statement.






Spending on college soars 16%  -  For the first time in five years, parents opened their wallets wider to spend more on college this year.




Technology / Trends


New strain of seaweed tastes like bacon  -  original goal was to develop a seaweed that could be used as a "super-food" to feed farmed abalone. The resulting dulce strain grows faster than its wild counterpart, and is said to be very high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants


Mosquito home truths: you can run but you can't hide   -  scientists suggest you have little chance of keeping the insects at bay - thanks to their three-pronged method of tracking down humans.


Did Bill Buckley Dream Up Uber Before There Even Was an Uber?  -  “If, for instance, you give taxi owners the right to limit the number of taxis available in the city,” he told the National Press Club, “people who need taxis to get from where they are to where they want to go can’t find taxis when they most want them.”


Condo boards slap hefty fines on neighbors for Airbnb rentals ...  -  Condo associations are scrambling to update their rules to clarify when owners can sublet units, in many cases expressly forbidding the kind of short-term rentals found on Airbnb and even house swaps, where money isn’t exchanged.


The 'fluffy feathered poodle from hell'   -  Scientists have unearthed a spectacularly preserved, nearly complete fossil in northeast China of a feathered dinosaur with wings like those of a bird, although they doubt the strange creature could fly.



--- Big Data


New Partnership to Help Calif. Fusion Centers Streamline Intelligence Gathering, Dissemination   -  FireEye announced July 16 a partnership with the National Fusion Center Association (NFCA) that will provide new resources to states and municipalities across the nation, and lead to the development of a new intelligence exchange network in California






7/20       EAA AirVenture Air Show - Oshkosh, WI

7/21       2nd NASA Exploration Science Forum -  Moffett Field, CA  second annual (NESF 2015)

7/23       Army Soldier Show

7/23       SMDWG:  Guest Speaker:  Mr. Michael R. Chandler, Project Manager Integrated Air and Missile Defense - Location TBD

7/23       Space Camp Alumni Festival – S&RC

7/24       1115:  WID Mentoring Event – Aegis (Jan Davis) – Debra Leo / Bob English

7/27       AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition (Propulsion and Energy 2015) - Orlando, Florida

7/29       1100:  MOAA Membership Meeting – The Summit – Dr. Wardynski

7/30       1100:  Korean War Vets. Lunch - The Summit - GEN Via

7/30       1600:  AUSA/WID Speech/Book Signing – S&RC – GEN Dunwoody

8/04       Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) Technical Interchange Meeting – Jackson Center

8/05       1130:  AFCEA/AFA Lunch – Holiday Inn Research Park – Mayor Trulock; STEM Awards

8/10       1000:  Victory Day – 70th Annual End of WWII -  S&RC

8/10       18th Annual SMD Symposium Begins - HSV

8/10       Space and Missile Defense Symposium - VBC, HSV

8/12       SSV Hiring Event – VBC-E

8/13       1500:  NDIA-TVC Annual MDA Small Business Programs Conference - VBC-N

8/13       18th Annual SMD Symposium Ends - HSV




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