Secondary Information
             ...your port in the storm.

Realizing that just about every book that includes anything on the subject differs, I am using one of the most generic, most established definitions.   Secondary Information is that information that one can get quickly, easily, cheaply and through obvious means.  ....It would include newspaper articles, TV news, a library review, and Google searches.

It can absolutely be the
best investment that a company can make, it requires mostly the assets that are already in place and a modicum of  imagination.  With it, you can answer 85% (or more) of a companies questions using just 10% of the intel budget.  [Yep, you're company has an intel budget - whether you realize it or not.]

It is the natural, obvious first stop for small to midsized businesses that need to know what's going on, but don't have the budget for a full blown intel initiative.  It's a necessity for the large companies who have to balance and confirm any other sources that they may have developed.

Secondary Information is the handiest way to develop a database on general subjects a city, or a company's strategic history, or a CEO's comments on different items.  In point of fact, in order to understand new intelligence questions and develop solution approaches one needs to have a broad understanding of business, industry, government , and business sectors.

I've been in the intel business for over 15 years, and Secondary Information is always the first objective on the first dive of every intel initiative.

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